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Friday, 22 November 2013 15:09

One Pack Stabilizer

Published in One Pack Stabilizer


 Since … Stabplast started manufacturing complex stabilizer system consisting balanced proportion of Lead based stabilizer and lubricant having enhanced performance as compared to Individual stabilizers.

There are various staple grades for every industry with a wide range of different Lead content and different levels of lubrications as required. There are also different flushing grades available as per industry needs. To know about the different grades click here.

However, we at Stabplast believe in working with the client to fine tune the one pack formulations based on Individual needs. Depending upon the machines, filler levels, output and various other factors our technical team collaborates with you to develop and provide the most efficient and economical product for the customer. Apart from low dosages required the customized products also showcase improved surface finish, strength and thermal properties. We are ready to walk that extra mile with you sharing our expertise of over 25 years… Are you? 

Stablast’s One Pack Systems are manufactured under controlled environment and with high precision and standardized procedures to bring you the premium product every single time.

One pack System helps to mimimiselabour cost, reduce handling losses, reduce inventory and provide better homogenous mixture from processing. Stabplast’s one pack is generally available in a fine flake form for less wastage and dust control. However, the same could be provided as a fine powder on customer requirement.

Stabplast currently supplies One pack Stabilizers to various industries including Rigid PVC Pipes, Fittings, Wires, Cables, Rigid profile, Floor covering, Soil Pipes for gases and liquids.

Contact us for technical assistance, samples and quotes.




Thursday, 06 December 2012 10:18

Lead Stearate (LS) SCI-120-LS

Published in Individual Stabilizer


 Stabplast’s SCI -120-LS (Lead Sterate) is an excellent lubricant with a stabilizing action. It is similar to Dibasic Lead state SCI-15—DBLS but has a greater lubricity and less stabilizing action. SCI-120-LS has better dispersion in PVC due to its lower melting point. It provides smooth surface to rigid as well as flexible PVC products and is being used as general purpose stabilizer in PVC processing for extrusion, injection moulding, wires and cables, rigid pipes, fitting and profiles.

Lead Stearate is generally used in conjunction with other lubricants and stabilizers such as TBLS, DBLS, DBLP, CS etc.



Melting point
Lead Content
Free fatty acid
Moisture Content
Fine white powder
105 – 110 C
26 - 27%
1% max
25 Kg HDPE Bag with Liner