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Friday, 22 November 2013 15:09

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer (CaZn)

  Lead based systems are slowly giving way to Calcium and mixed metal system. The transition from lead has not been swift, even in developed countries. Although the European industry started using this system in 2000 the drive to phase out lead is finally put down for 2015! However, off late the drive has picked momentum worldwide with new developments in Calcium Zinc, which have significantly improved its performance and thanks partly to the rising lead prices that have made Calcium Zinc stabilizer system attractive from the price standpoint.

Not to be left behind our determined research team has been on the development of calcium-zinc (CaZn) based stabilizer for a long time. After years of toil and development we have found the sweet spot between product performance and price.

Stabplast arsenal is equipped with products to serve Rigid Pipes, Extrusions, Cables and Sheating among others with various levels of lubrication as required by the customer.

Please contact us for technical data sheets, samples and quotes.




Thursday, 06 December 2012 10:19

Dibasic Lead Phosphite (DBLP)

Published in Individual Stabilizer


 Stabplast’s SCI-165- DBLP ( Dibasic Lead Phosphite) is a heat stabilizer giving excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays and retention of physical properties after ageing. Stabplasts product is primarily being used as a light stabilizer that’s imparts outstanding weathering resistance to plastics.

SCI -165-DBLP ( Di Basic Lead Phosphite) is being used in both rigid and flexible PVC compositions generally in conjunction with Tri Basic Lead Sulphate (SCI-120-HS)



Lead Content
SP Gravity
Moisture Content
Fine white powder
87 - 89 %
Below 1%.
50 Kg HDPE Bags with Liner


 Appearance                      :           White fine powder

Lead Content                   :           87-89%

SP Gravity                          :           6.00-6.50

Moisture                            :           Below 1%.

 PACKING                            :           50 Kg HDPE Bags with Liner


(Please contact us for Technical data sheet and Sample)